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Puppy Brutally Tortured Breaking Both His Back Legs — Then Abandoned At A Kill Shelter

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A sweet puppy endured unbelievable torture before he was dumped at a high-kill shelter. Somehow – he still wags his tail and his happy to see humans.

Buddy, as he was later named, arrived at the shelter with bloodshot eyes and unable to walk. The exact cause of the injuries is unknown. However, the puppy had to have been thrown or beaten for the eyes to be bloodshot and for the injuries he had.

The shelter reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to save Buddy. The staff was heartbroken that such a sweet puppy was treated so cruelly. He deserved a chance at a life full of love not pain. The rescue arrived and brought the adorable puppy to Dallas Specialty Hospital for an examination.

The surgeon took X-rays to figure out why the puppy could not walk. The results were horrifying. The X-rays showed that both of his back legs had tibia fractures. The bones were broken in two. It was the worst case of broken bones that the orthopedic surgeon had ever seen in a puppy.

To relieve the pain and hopefully repair some of the damage, Buddy received surgery. The vital surgery took five hours and required pins in the puppy’s leg to help heal. The rescue posted, “Buddy has paid the ultimate price for this evil act , he underwent a 5 hour surgery today to repair his badly broken little body
His left side has external hard ware which will remain attached to his leg for 8 weeks called an external fixator , his right leg had 2 plates and 5 pins surgically implanted.”

Buddy’s pain is not over, since the pins needs to stay in for three months to help the leg heal. On top of that, the young puppy is on restrictive movement and will need physical therapy. Instead of running and playing, this poor puppy is on strong pain meds and confined to a small area.

Through all the pain, Buddy remains a happy dog. Thankfully, a wonderful family has stepped up to foster him through his recovery. He will start physiotherapy as well to help him regain movement which will cost thousands on top of $5000 for the surgery. An angel donor has contacted the charity and will match every $1000.

His long road to recovery will be filled with the love and compassion he needs and deserves. This shows how dogs love unconditionally. Get well soon, Buddy!

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