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Badly Burned Puppy Found In Garbage Bag

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An eight-week-old puppy was found with chemical burns covering over half of her tiny body. A Good Samaritan discovered the puppy in a garbage bag outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Tennessee. She was rushed to a local animal hospital for help.

Friends Animal Shelter in Cocke County took in the little pup and started her on pain medicine. The shelter posted, ” She needs love, she needs care, she needs Hope. And Hope is what she will be named. My heart is broken.”

The innocent puppy had endured extreme cruelty and could not even sit down. “Her tongue is burnt, her ear is completely burnt, her entire belly is nothing but burns. She can’t sit down. Weird part is her nails were painted at some point. She is miserable, this has to end Cocke County.”

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, North Carolina offered to take in the sweet pup for further medical care. Her treatment will include, “pain medication, antibiotics, topical ointments, wound flushes, and a surgery later this week to remove necrotic tissue from her ear and tongue.” Hope is being fostered by the rescue’s vet so she can receive around the clock care.

The rescue asked for donations to cover the costs of her care as the road to recovery will be long. People from all over the country donated to help care for Hope and a total of $4,872.02 was raised.

“At just 2 months old, she has already known so much fear, pain, and suffering. Safe in Brother Wolf’s care, she will finally know love and compassion for perhaps the first time in her life,” posted the rescue.

Hope is slowly improving and is expected to make a full recovery. A man from Newport, Tennessee has already adopted the little girl and will take her home as soon as she is ready.

Authorities are still investigating and looking for the monster who did this heinous crime.

Thank you to everyone involved in saving her life.

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